What is a Labyrinth?

I have mentored many people into obtaining a deep sense of self and continue to do this good work.

My current studies is a passion that I’ve wanted to delve into forever; Creative Writing. I love writing and words are my passion.

I believe that life is imagined before it is lived.

I believe there is no ending and there is no beginning.

I believe that life emerges where you are now.

I believe when you go in, the genesis of your being presents itself. 

I believe that we are miracles beyond our reasoning.

Going into the labyrinth is a metaphor for the journey of life. It brings to light ‘oneness’. One way in and one way out. It is symbolic of transcendence and transformation or in other words moving in to meet what is needed as it arises; accepting this aspect of self and moving outward in celebration of self-awareness. 

I welcome you to explore what I offer.

So much love

Tania Morsman aka LoveHeart.