I recently attended a retreat where the Labyrinth was presented for our group. What an extraordinary experience… I have participated in spiral journeys, but the Labyrinth was an awesome experience and it revealed so many emotions memories, feelings I had carried with me, it seemed as though each step took me deeper and deeper into myself and I was able to crack open a part of myself that really needed to see the light of my love….

I look forward to entering the sacredness of the Labyrinth again soon.

Tanya has embodied and held space for a truely ancient and magix experience and I know I am called to walk the ways again, following the steps of our sacred sisters of ancient times…

if you get to experience this, I recommend allowing yourself to fully surrender and allow the magix and spirit of Labyrinth to hold you as you journey into your divine spaces

with love and blessing


Nadine Allan
Dear Tania – Firstly I want to tell you that I will always be eternally grateful to you for showing me just how wonderful life can be, by being me. You have shown me how to make good choices, find my self-worth, getting there with my confidence, continue with my positive thinking, to handle situations in a better way, to look at myself: to realise that it is I that creates my happiness, sadness and my joy. Thank you with so much love – 2019
Sherylanne M
Dear Tania – Thank you for encouraging me to trust in my own choices and to sit with my beliefs that create my reality. It has made me understand not to blame others for my own life and to step into my responsibility to empower myself and live a courageous life. I began to change my entire thought process about my relationship. I began to build up so much strength in my mind and self-worth. It was amazing, it is amazing. I felt like I was the one looking in at my life from a distance, just like someone not emotionally connected with so much bias.  What I saw in my life, in my relationship, came so quickly and I acted on this – I have not looked back – I feel this decision along with giving up smoking are the best choices I have ever made in my life. ‘Good choices’, this has stuck with me and I continue to question myself with those two words. Thank you so much.– 2019
Ruby Stratten
Dear Tania – I am so grateful for our connection, where I once felt afraid to live my life, I am not anymore. Your affirmation guidance and self-love exercises has directed me into creating my own reality, is a core structure in my life these days. I question the validity of my fears and in doing so I recognise they are something more to move through, something else to create new. I’ve been teaching myself not to feel a lack of, this way it doesn’t stop me from doing the things I once may have hesitated with in the past and lost opportunities. In saying this, it is still a huge work in progress, and I am just so happy that I am free. That’s how I feel – FREE. I love you Tan, you will never know the depth of your guidance and how this has made an impact on my life, it is so heartfelt, I do not know how to express it- 2020
Cherry Love