Creating a Mini Labyrinth

Information on the creating of Clay Labyrinths for use as a transformational Meditation Technique.

Each Labyrinth is a unique piece of beautyfull art.

Each Mini Labyrinth is made from clay sourced from Quandamooka Country / Windmill Pottery. and if clay is sourced from a different area, this information will be made available with the clay Labyrinth.

Each Mini Labyrinth is individually sculptured and reveals perfection in their imperfections. You may find a ‘crack’ in the clay after it has been fired. Cracks do not wholly reveal any weakness, but they do reveal a path perhaps not travelled in the mind, and hence cracks reveal the light. A clique of course even so, one that holds its merit in the creating and hence the journeys of life. 

The paths are crafted individually and for this reasoning there is no one path that carries the same feel. This is the same for each and every Labyrinth Tania has created even so, the Labyrinth is a journey of one path in and one path out.

You will see amongst Tania’s Mini Labyrinth Collection variations of the Labyrinth. Some are ages of time unfolded in which their archetype is world renown. Additionally, many of the Labyrinths come from Tania’s own imagination and therefore have just begun their journey into the time space framework of humanness. 

You are welcome to see, touch and feel their energy in physicality. Or if you intuitively know your Labyrinth from seeing it on here, I can post it to you.

Each Labyrinth comes packaged in a velveteen pouch. 

Alternatively, Tania can custom make your Labyrinth from a design you have created or an existing one. Here you can choose your colour preference and size and as you connect with Tania she will be moved to imbibe her experience with you in your Labyrinths story.

The Labyrinths are a love laboured experience and since there is a firing and glazing process there can be a three month wait for your custom-made Labyrinth.

All prices are individually recommended by Tania’s intuition and for this understanding if it feels good to her then it will feel good to its purchaser.

The wish for you is that your journeys be filled and lit with the grace of greater connection with the self.