Going into the Labyrinth is a metaphor for the journey of life. It brings to light ‘oneness’. One way in and one way out. It is symbolic of transcendence and transformation or in other words moving in to meet what is needed and as it arises, accepting this aspect of self, and whereby moving outward in celebration of self-awareness. 

I live from the essence of Self – Love as my everyday practice. Without this it is a struggle to meet life with the joy that this world that this life offers me. 

My life experience is vast and eclectic. I make no excuses for the life I choose, and that is the key; living life as you choose. To know you have choice and to choose from the place of your Value Full-Fillment or from the feeling of the Inner – Self. That to me is the essence of wellbeing. It symbolises my exuberance and vitality.

The genesis of Labyrinth Heart began way after I created my first Labyrinth. 

Three years ago, I began creating a Labyrinth out bush. It took more than 100 hours to create. It spans an area that is huge! It was an epic transformational journey into many emotional releases – the most profound, “letting go and trusting in the journey unfolding.”

It is here that my passion for creating Labyrinths began.

Fast forward and here I am ‘loving my life – living my love’. 

I feed myself the words I want to live as, and live each moment believing it!

I believe that life is imagined before it is lived.

I believe there is no ending and there is no beginning.

I believe that life emerges where you are now.

I believe when you go in, the genesis of your being presents itself. 

I believe that we are miracles beyond our reasoning.

I welcome you with love and an opportunity to explore and experiment through the grace of the Mini Clay Labyrinths I create.

Tania Morsman aka LoveHeart.